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What customers are saying about SunGuide Solutions?

   We accepted his offer and he provided us with  bids and recommendations in a few days. He joined us and we selected the contractor to do the install. In a matter of a few weeks the design, permits and installation was complete. Inspections by the City of Chino, the Chino Valley Fire Department and Southern California Edison were done and we became a solar generator!!!!

It's been seven (7) months since the install, I have had a seamless experience with this. As I have had questions that I submitted to BB, the response was prompt and very helpful.....he doesn't take your money and run. This guy is really what he says he is!

Contract signed 4/25/2017, generation officially started 5/17/2017

Bob M.

Chino, CA

Basem Bishay, President of SunGuide Solar, is an extraordinary solar consultant. He was instrumental in the design and installation of our 65 panel solar system. Our SCE bill went from $1300 at it's highest, $500 with our air conditioner set at 80 degrees, to a negative amount overnight. We can now actually use our air conditioner all day long and run our 2 pump swimming pool for eight hours a day with no worries at all.
I highly recommend using SunGuide Solar if you're considering getting a solar system. What's great is that they will come out, access your energy needs and design the right system that's for you. It's a free no obligation service that I recommend everyone take advantage of. I told my neighbor about Basem and he also had a smaller system installed that was just right for him and his wife.

Fernando B

Chino, CA

 Why SunGuide Solutions?

"As  solar professionals, we present solar facts and solutions without pressure. That's why we're the solar consulting  industry leaders. SunGuide Solutions was developed to help you explore and choose the solar solution that best fits your needs and finances ."  Basem Bishay, Founder & CEO

 Many Choices

The solar industry consists of the following divisions: solar manufacturers, solar installers, and  solar financiers. With our expertise and unbiased approach, together we choose the best package for YOU. 

Personalized Experience 

 As a solar consulting industry leader, we specialize in the WOW factor. We are with you from A to Z; from exploring your options to monitoring your installation! More over, we help you find hidden treasures of extra savings and earnings!

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We don't believe in spending too much on marketing. We are a referral-based company; that is how we are able to keep the costs lower.